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We are always on the lookout for unique, innovative, and high quality European lines suitable for the upper segment of the US market as long as they are flexible enough to adapt to its high demands. Scroll down for a quick preview on each of our lines and then click on the Shop button next to each line to go directly to that line in our wholesale store (available only to registered retailers). 


Coeur de Lion

Carola Eckrodt

Designed by Carola Eckrodt and hand-made in her Stuttgart, Germany workshop, Coeur de Lion is made for the sophisticated woman who dresses impeccably and agrees that “restraint is the best way to stand out from the crowd”.  Carola has an uncanny ability to mix vibrant colors, glass and metal to arrive at a very clean, crisp look.  Suggested retail pricing for necklaces range from $150-$650.


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Sandrine Giraud Creations

Sandrine Giraud 

Designed by Sandrine Giraud, Sandrine Giraud Creations is a whimsical line created for the artistic woman who dresses with flair and isn’t shy about standing out from the crowd.  As her line is extremely reliant on very difficult to master techniques, Sandrine individually makes every piece of jewelry in her Paris workshop. Suggested retail pricing for necklaces range from $150-$300.




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21 Red-BlackKLA-16S-BLK-RED


Mirella Foffano

With the Klamir line​ designed and handcrafted by Mirella Foffano, it was love at first sight.  The idea behind the creative approach was to somehow fuse a modern and contemporary material (VPC) with a highly traditional component (Murano Glass).  What I find most innovative and fascinating is the technique Mirella uses to work the rubber – the twisting, braiding, cutting, bending, coiling –  to create a collection both very architectural and astonishly feminine, dramatic but not ostentatious, rich but not showy.  The line is very sensual, the VPC soft against the skin.  The Murano glass does add a tremendous dimension.  With Mirella we created a special collection for the USA encompassing powerful pieces, casual designs, theatrical creations, everyday versatile beauties easy to wear and easy to love. Necklace price points at retail range from $50-$350 at the upper end.






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Samuel Coraux


Samuel Coraux

Designed by Samuel Coraux and hand-made in Paris, Samuel Coraux is a very bold fashion-oriented line and appeals to the woman who likes to make a statement in her accessories.  Samuel pushes design limits with his creative use of glass and rubber in ways like no other designer in the market. Suggested retail pricing for necklaces range from $150-$300.




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Laurent Guillot


Orient ClearPear-gold-cu

Laurent Guillot


 Laurent Guillot

Working out of his Paris atelier, Laurent Guillot has a very strong background in the European luxury market, having taken part in the creation of jewelry collections for Yves St Laurent, Chanel, Courrèges, Guy Laroche, Swarovski, and Baccarat. His current focus is on bringing transparent lucite alive with hand-carved necklaces, rings, and bracelets that explores minimalism through dimension, scale, and volume. Suggested retail pricing for necklaces range from $150-$1,200.






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CLIC by Suzanne



The designs of CLIC by Suzanne distinguish themselves by their simplicity and their strong geometric shapes. Two principles are the base of every design: wearability and the invisible clasp. Every piece is designed with passion and handcrafted in Suzanne’s studio in The Netherlands.
By using simple shapes and subtle combinations of matt and high gloss polishing, Suzanne created a timeless collection, lightweight and allergy-free.

Suggested retail pricing for necklaces range from $100-$250.






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Thierry Joo Enamel


Thierry Joo

Handcrafted by French artisan Thierry Joo, this collection is built around simple shapes and vibrant colors.
Thierry is almost as much a chemist as he is a jewelry designer. The pigments are skillfully combined to achieve the exact shade desired. The epoxy is then brushed inside each individual receptacle and the necklaces become alive one color at a time, in a happy, whimsical fashion.






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