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Fashion Jewelry by Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Christina Brampti, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Klamir, Samuel Coraux,  and Thierry Joo.

NIKAIA is the exclusive USA importer and distributor of eight contemporary European designer jewelry lines. Our lines include Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Christina Brampti, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Klamir, Samuel Coraux, and Thierry Joo. These artisans create fashion jewelry with continental flair that appeals to women of assertive individual style. Women with the confidence to be bold in their look. 

If this describes you, please explore this website to experience our designers’ brands online. You can preview each line here.  To check on frequently asked questions about shipping, returns, etc. click here. And, when you’re ready to start shopping, shop now!

Because we know some women prefer to shop in a store when locally available, send us an email using our Contact page. Where a local option exists we will direct you to the retailer carrying the line you like. And, if you’re coming to our website to shop after discovering one of our lines in a store please let us know so we can reward that retailer.

If you are a retailer interested in carrying our lines please visit NIKAIA’s wholesale site.

About Nikaia, Inc.

We’ve been in business since 1997, when Nathalie Duncan fell in love with the Coeur de Lion fashon jewelry line at a tradeshow in Frankfurt. The collection, contemporary and colorful, was “crisp” and “clean” like nothing else she’d ever seen. And, it wasn’t available in America. A discussion with founders Carola and Nils Eckrodt resulted in Nathalie importing the line on an exclusive basis in the USA. As a result, a transplanted French woman living in Colorado began selling a beautiful German line in the United States!

Since that start, we’ve moved to Frederick, Maryland. Nikaia has grown from importing one line to eight lines, and celebrated 24 years in business. All of our jewelry designers are based in Europe, including Germany, France, Greece, and Italy. Each of these designers are wildly unique with their looks, materials, and colors…but they all share the same continental flair.   

Contemporary European Fashion Lines

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