Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Christina Brampti, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Thierry Joo, and Samuel Coraux.

Fashion Jewelry For Confident Women

NIKAIA imports and distributes several European designer jewelry lines, all handcrafted in Europe, including Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Christina Brampti, Samuel Coraux, and Thierry Joo. These distinctive lines make our retailer’s glass cases and displays come alive to set them apart from the crowd and increase their bottom line. Register below if you’re a retailer interested in carrying one or more of these beautiful lines.

What makes us different?

  • We screen every collection to meet the American consumer’s taste – so our retail partners don’t have to.
  • With a 24-year track record, we build long-term relationships with our retail partners.
  • We take the time to understand our retailer’s business and recommend the right assortment.
  • A best seller is not just what we sell to the trade – it’s a design our retailers order again and again.
  • We carry substantial inventory in our Maryland office, enabling our partners to stay current.
  • We protect our committed retailer’s position by not selling the same lines to their local competitors.
  • We share direct sales with our partners when a consumer is first introduced to the line by a store.

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Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Christina Brampti, Samuel Coraux, and Thierry Joo.

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