New Customer – Pick Box Agreement

Nikaia welcomes you to a new relationship with us as a retail partner, and are pleased to offer this Pick Box Agreement as an informed way for you to review and begin carrying one or more of our lines. Nikaia does not sell on consignment, but offers this Pick Box Agreement to facilitate first orders for new customers. Pick Box Agreements are not available for customers placing orders in person at trade shows or repeat customers, this is a one-time offer to facilitate the decision by a new customer to try our lines. Call us to discuss, but printable forms can be found here, and this is how the process works:

Pick Box Agreement

  1. Nikaia will consult with you to put together a recommended initial assortment that fits your needs.
  2. This assortment and pricing is listed on Exhibit A and is made part of this Agreement.
  3. Your credit card authorization form is Exhibit B and is made part of this Agreement.
  4. Sign and return the Agreement and Exhibits to us, either via fax or email with a scanned .pdf.
  5. Nikaia will ship the assortment with a matching Exhibit A and a FedEx return slip.
  6. On delivery and receipt of the pick box assortment, you have 3 days to inspect the merchandise. Keep the original bubble wrap and box so you can carefully pack any return items.
  7. Using the packing list Exhibit A, designate the items for return to Nikaia by placing an “X” next to the appropriate item code number. Call, fax or email the Exhibit A to notify Nikaia of your selection.  Carefully pack unwanted items in original boxes/bubble wrap for return to Nikaia. If you don’t like the line enough to meet the minimum, just send it all back and no charge will be made to your credit card.
  8. Once Nikaia receives your packing list Exhibit A we will create an Invoice based on the merchandise you are keeping, and removing the items that you designated for return with your “X”.
  9. Nikaia will charge your credit card the Invoice amount and fax/email you a copy marked “Paid”.  Customers that fail to notify Nikaia of their intent to return unwanted merchandise, and that do not respond to our contact efforts, will have the entire amount of the original shipment charged to their card on the fifth day after delivery of the merchandise.
  10. Use the FedEx return slip to ship the designated unwanted merchandise back to our office.  Designated merchandise must be received by Nikaia within 10 days of the initial delivery or your card will be charged for the remaining balance. Exceptions will be made for shipments lost in transit by FedEx as verified by the shipment tracking number.
  11. If you checked the appropriate box on the credit card authorization form to be extended Net 30 terms we will extend that courtesy for qualified customers on future orders. Please review our Policy Statement for other applicable terms of sale on future orders.

Minimum Opening Order Per Line (merchandise amount kept after initial review)

Coeur De Lion Sandrine Giraud Klamir Samuel Coraux Laurent Guillot Christina Brampti

Thierry Joo


8 necklaces 6 necklaces $500.00 6 necklaces $500.00



Customer agrees to the terms of this Pick Box Agreement by authorized signature below:

Company Name:___________________________________________________________________

Signer’s Name and Title:______________________________________________________________

Signature:______________________________________________________ Date:______________



Pick Box Agreement – Exhibit B – Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Payments:  Credit cards will be charged as per the term of the Pick Box Agreement on receipt by Nikaia of the Packing List marked by customer.

Company Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Billing Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip;______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ________________________________________


Card Type (check one):  _____VISA          _____MASTERCARD          _____AMERICAN EXPRESS

Card Number (please type or print legibly): ___________________________________________________

Card’s Expiration Date: _____________ Security Code: _______________

Card Holder Name (as it appears on your card): ________________________________________________

Card Holder Signature: _________________________________________________________________

Card Holder’s Mailing Address (if different:___________________________________________________

City, State, & Zip: _____________________________________________________________________



Please indicate your payment preference by initialing your preferred choice:

_____NIKAIA is authorized to charge my credit card account per terms of Pick Box Agreement on first order. Keep my card on file for emergencies only, I will Pay By Check if approved for Net 30 Terms.

_____NIKAIA is authorized to charge my credit card account per terms of Pick Box Agreement on first order.  Future orders may be charged at time of shipping.

_____NIKAIA is authorized to charge my credit card account per terms of Pick Box Agreement on first order.  Please charge my card on Net 30 Terms on future orders.


Net 30:  Net 30 Terms are not available for New Customer Pick Box Agreements. NIKAIA is pleased to extend Net 30 Terms to qualified customers who provide us with the following information prior to shipment on their future orders.

  • Your state Resale Tax Certificate Number.
  • Credit References, including business bank information, trade references, etc.
  • This signed Credit Card Authorization form for VISA, MasterCard or American Express payment.

Customers on Net 30 Terms Pay By Check will only have their credit card account charged if payment in full has not been received within 15 days of the Due Date referenced on their invoice.  We will make a courtesy call informing you of our intention to charge your account prior to doing so.