Payment Terms

All first orders are credit card only – no exception. Click the credit card authorization form to print, complete, sign, and either scan/email to info@nikaia.com or fax to 301-530-8171.

NIKAIA is pleased to extend Net 30 Terms to qualified customers for subsequent orders who provide us with the following information prior to shipment:

Customers on Net 30 Terms will have their credit card charged if payment in full has not been received with 15 days of the Due Date referenced on their invoice. Retailers will lose their Net 30 privilege after 3 late payments. COD is no longer available as a payment option, nor do we sell on consignment.

Minimum Orders

We are exceedingly successful with retailers who understand that execution is the key to success.  They dedicate full cases to our lines, they keep them richly stocked by reordering regularly, and they maintain an interesting variety to allow every design to sell each other.  Minimum opening orders for each line are:

  • Coeur de Lion: $600.00
  • Sandrine Giraud: 8 necklaces
  • Christina Brampti: $500.00
  • Samuel Coraux: $500.00
  • Laurent Guillot: 6 necklaces
  • Thierry Joo: $500.00
  • Klamir: 6 necklaces
  • Minimum reorders on all lines: $200.00

After you’ve been registered as an authorized retailer please feel free to order in whatever way is most convenient for you. For first time buyers only, we offer a Pick Box Agreement that enables retailers to review a selected assortment in your store so you can make an informed decision on whether the line is a good fit. For more information on this offer, click Pick Box Agreement.

Catalogs for each line are published each season and can be mailed to you if you prefer working from catalogs instead of the website.

  • You can order using the shopping cart in this wholesale site. You will need to complete and send in the credit card authorization form to us separately, as for security reasons we don’t process credit cards directly on the website.
  • Call-in and discuss your order at 888-767-7354 between 8:30 – 5:30 Eastern time-zone.
  • Fax your order to 301-530-8171.
  • Scan and email your order to info@nikaia.com.
  • Click here for our trade show schedule where you can see all the lines in person.
Merchandise Return Policy

The lines sold through NIKAIA are all imported from Europe. We are paying substantial duties to bring the goods to the USA. Our general philosophy is to carry enough inventory in Maryland to accommodate our retailers, decrease the delivery lead-time, alleviate their needs to carry large inventory themselves, and facilitate their reorders. We cannot accomplish these goals and take back your unsold merchandise too, sales are final.

Defective/Missing Merchandise

Please inspect your shipment immediately upon delivery: Retail Partners have five (5) days from date of merchandise delivery to notify NIKAIA of any items listed on the packing slip, but which are missing from the actual shipment. Claims received after five (5) days cannot be accepted. NIKAIA will either deduct the appropriate amount from the invoice due, or will ship the missing item(s) at your option. Please inspect merchandise for damage or defects, and any such merchandise will be unconditionally replaced by NIKAIA. Please call us to obtain an RA Number prior to returning it to us via “regular” mail for replacement. Merchandise will not be accepted without an RA number.

NIKAIA will accept returns for defective merchandise, and will replace merchandise deemed by NIKAIA to be mechanically defective for up to one year from the date of delivery to our retail partner. NIKAIA reserves the right to make such determination, and will not replace merchandise that has been clearly mistreated by the owner. At the time of sale, please refer your customers to the NIKAIA care cards enclosed with each necklace for instructions. In particular your customers need to be aware that perfume, hairspray, and sunscreen will damage nearly all components. Also, please call before you extend a credit to your clients, and unless you are dealing with a broken clasp, let us examine the nature of the damage before you offer a free exchange.


We are available to guide you regarding your initial product selection. However, we understand that occasionally our retail partners may purchase styles that ultimately prove not to be as suitable as expected for their customer base. NIKAIA will work with our committed retail partners by accepting exchanges under the following guidelines:

  • NO exchanges will be accepted for “phase out” styles.
  • Merchandise returned in exchange for credit toward other products carried by NIKAIA will be assessed a restocking fee of 20%.

Partial Shipments

NIKAIA will ship complete whenever possible. Please communicate with us upfront if you have any issues with backorders. NIKAIA does retain the right to cancel backordered items with prior notification to our customers.


Drop ship option

NIKAIA no longer offers drop shipping direct to consumers.


Each Coeur de Lion necklace and bracelet is packed in a gift box with satin-bottom and satin foam upper to protect the merchandise and prevent shifting during shipping. A material description card with component description and care instructions also comes with each Coeur de Lion necklace. Other lines will come with the designer’s packaging as they provide it to Nikaia.


Through NIKAIA, Coeur de Lion offers, free of charge, their on-staff advertising services for committed retailers that want to produce a professional ad for their store featuring the line. Please contact us for more information on the specification information requirements that their staff will need in order to produce copy for you like the examples shown here. Other designers may provide similar assistance as well.

NIKAIA Consumer Direct Sales

We believe in focusing our efforts on selling at wholesale to committed retailers. We also have an obligation to our designers to build their brand recognition directly with the American public. To balance our efforts, when we make a consumer direct sale on our NIKAIA website we ask the individual how they became aware of that particular line. If they reference one of our committed retail partners as their introduction, we reward that retailer by giving them a credit on their next order with us. The credit amount is for the difference between the retail price we charge the customer and the wholesale cost of that particular item. We believe that by working together with our committed retail partners we can build stronger brand recognition for all of our designers.

Special Programs

Interested in a special quantities program for styles in university school colors, or for a charity? Call us at 888-767-7354 to discuss!


NIKAIA works in conjunction with all of our designers to protect their photos and logos as trademarked or copyrighted materials in the USA. All materials, text, photos, and logos represented on NIKAIA’s websites are the property of NIKAIA or the designers we represent, and may not be used without the express written consent of either Nathalie or William Duncan of NIKAIA, Inc.

NIKAIA will permit committed retail partners the limited use of our photos on their website, provided the retailer signs an agreement detailing the scope and tenure of the agreement, including published pricing on their website. Unauthorized use of any protected materials by a retailer will result in termination of our relationship. Please call Nathalie or William Duncan for more details at 888-767-7354.