Interested Retailers

On our registration form we’ll ask you to tell us a little about your business. Once we receive your request for access to wholesale pricing we’ll respond via email within 24 hours with the password required for this access. 

Please note, you must be a retailer with a valid resale tax ID number to access wholesale pricing. You will need to provide us with a business address and business phone number – no PO Boxes and no residential locations.  We are not pursuing strictly e-commerce businesses at this time, nor are we interested in retail shows and temporary retail ventures.  We have put this policy in place to protect our retail partners, who are the core of our success.

First orders are payable by credit card only, and must meet the minimum opening order requirement for each line noted below.  For new customers deciding whether to carry our lines, we offer the ability, on a one-time only basis, to review the lines in person via our Pick Box Agreement.

Please check our Policies for more details on applying for future payment terms, returns, etc.

Minimum re-orders for all lines is $200.00.

Mimimum Opening Order Per Line

Coeur De Lion Sandrine Giraud Klamir Samuel Coraux Laurent Guillot Christina Brampti

Thierry Joo

$600.00 8 necklaces 6 necklaces $500.00 6 necklaces $500.00


Retailer Registration