Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Sandrine Giraud, Samuel Coraux, Christina Brampti, Lydia Bremer, Georgia Charal, and Thierry Joo.

Contemporary Fashion Jewelry For Confident Women

NIKAIA is the USA importer and distributor of several unique European designer jewelry lines including Coeur de Lion, Laurent Guillot, Sandrine Giraud Creations, Samuel Coraux, Christina Brampti, Lydia Bremer, Georgia Charal, and Thierry Joo.  

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Individual Consumers

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Coeur de Lion Hematite Necklace

Designed by Carola Eckrodt and hand-made in Stuttgart, Germany, this line mixes vibrant colors, glass and metal for a very clean, crisp look favored by sophisticated women of impeccable taste.  This particular piece features Carola’s geocube glass components.

Sandrine Giraud Black Volute

Designed by Sandrine Giraud, SGC is a whimsical line created for the artistic woman who dresses with flair and isn’t shy about standing out from the crowd.  As her line is extremely reliant on very difficult to master techniques, Sandrine individually makes every piece of jewelry in her Paris workshop.

Samuel Coraux bestseller

Designed by Samuel Coraux and hand-made in Paris, SC is a very bold fashion-oriented line and appeals to the woman who likes to make a statement in her accessories.  Samuel pushes design limits with his creative use of glass and rubber in ways like no other designer in the market.

Aqua on New Blue

Handcrafted by French artisan Thierry Joo, this collection is built around simple shapes and vibrant colors.
Thierry is almost as much a chemist as he is a jewelry designer. The pigments are skillfully combined to achieve the exact shade desired. The epoxy is then brushed inside each individual receptacle and the necklaces become alive one color at a time, in a happy, whimsical fashion.. 

Lydia Bremer

Lydia Bremer Dutch Jewelry is a line focusing on geometric shapes painstakingly cut from soft, colorful rubber. Lightweight and closed with a magnetic clasp, this is a line that runs the gamut from everyday wear to dressy.   

Lucite Necklace

 Laurent Guillot

Working out of his Paris atelier, Laurent Guillot has a very strong background in the European luxury market, having taken part in the creation of jewelry collections for Yves St Laurent, Chanel, Courrèges, Guy Laroche, Swarovki, and Baccarat. His current focus is on bringing transparent lucite alive with hand-carved necklaces, rings, and bracelets that explores minimalism through dimension, scale, and volume.

CB Necklace

Christina Brampti

Greek designer Christina Brampti believes that there are many ways to view reality and her jewelry reflects that. Using a wide range of materials, she explores different ways of working with each one, resulting in a collection that embraces geometric minimalism, soft undulating shapes, and relaxed, urban cool.

She explores scale, using brushed aluminum tubes, both rounded and squared in different sizes, & combines them with cords of varying thickness and materials, including rubber, leather, nylon, tulle, elastic, and cotton.