We are the exclusive importer and distributor of five unique European designer jewelry lines, including Coeur de Lion, Sandrine Giraux, Samuel Coraux, Nature Bijoux, and Ori Tao. We primarily sell to retail partners catering to elegant women of assertive individual style, though we also sell directly to the public on our consumer website. Retailers              Visit our wholesale site                                                                          IMG_1194 (6) Individuals          Visit our consumer site
SG Red

This whimsical line is created by Parisian Sandrine Giraud and appeals to the artistic woman who dresses with flair.


Coeur de Lion is designed by Carola Eckrodt and created in her Stuttgart, Germany workshop. CDL is a very crisp, clean look featuring vibrant colors, glass and metal that appeals to the sophisticated woman who dresses impeccably.

andre green

Designed by Samuel Coraux in his Paris workshop, SC is a very bold fashion-oriented line that pushes design limits in his use of glass and rubber.


Nature Bijoux is designed by father and son team Jean-Daniel and Amaury Christin. Crafted by artisans in their Philippines workshop, the line features exotic natural components of seed, stone, and wood.

15--28230 det

Designed by Frenchman Franck Rigoux, Ori Tao is a monochromatic pewter line featuring the tension between hard metal and fluid draping.